about me

I'm a professor at the University of Houston.  I'm especially interested in issues relating to honor, free will, moral responsibility, punishment, and revenge. (You can view a list of my publications here).

I'm the author of several books: Relative Justice (2012 Princeton) on the diversity of norms and attitudes about responsibility across cultures.  A Very Bad Wizard: Morality Behind the Curtain (McSweeney's 2009, 2nd edition Routledge 2106), a collection of interviews with philosophers and scientists on issues in moral psychology.  And my most recent book "Why Honor Matters" (Basic Books) is currently available for pre-order. I also co-host the Very Bad Wizards podcast (along with the psychologist David Pizarro), which features discussions about ethics, free will, revenge, neuroscience, psychopaths, relativism, pop culture, and lots more.